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“Azer-Turk Bank” OJSC suggests new student loans

"Azer-Turk Bank" OJSC offers new "Student Loan" product for residents and non-residents of the country. The aim is to create an opportunity to implement education payment fee partly for students who have troubles with their payments.

 The maximum amount of the "Student Loan" is 4 000 manats, and the period is 12 months. Interest rate is around 23-25% (effective interest rate is 12.89-14.05%) depending on the duration of the loan.

 For this product one guarantor is required. The guarantor has to be 1st tier as collateral relatives (father, mother, spouse), moreover 2nd degree relatives (uncle, aunt, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother) also can act. The guarantor of the student has to provide with an employment certificate or 40% jewelerry or deposit of the required credit amount.

 For more information about the products and services of the Bank contact us 464-42-(12-19), or visit link